The 4-Footed Members of the Family

Mama's Boy

     He was found in a parking  lot and brought home on a motorcycle.  As the youngest, he collected the nickname "Little" --it stuck, however ridiculous it appears now.  Not realizing he's the biggest, his idea of defense is to slink to the floor and howl for help. Besides, he's too pretty to fight. 

The Shy

Olivia rivals Vince in affection.  She stowed away in the moving van and was the first to arrive at our new house.  Olivia now lives with Melanie, Lily, Lucy, and Aidan

Miss Personality (not)

Favorite quote: "Hmmphhh"
Favorite game: refusing to go through the door she asked out of

Ashbe and Olivia are sisters, born to the family from a strangely mottled wild stray who came to love us.  She thinks Melanie is wonderful.



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July 2008