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Many thanks to Kenneth Nau, LabRat on Cleveland Freenet, for this photo of Roanoke, Virginia

I've always lived in this section of  Virginia, as have all my relatives for 200 years.  The world expanded when my interest in computers began back in 1981 with my first Commodore 64.  It was such a rush to get a computer to do what you directed.  But that was nothing compared to a Pentium and a modem.  Like my license plate says, cyber rules!

I first found  the Cleveland Freenet in 1995.  I still have a lot of good friends I met there.  It was a wonderful community, but technology moved on and the cyber world expanded.  My good friend Miche gave me the nickname myrmaid for Christmas. 
"...So Farewell Cleveland Freenet... no matter they shut down your servers and delete your files and directories... you will live on in many hearts as the FIRST place that allowed ordinary (and in some cases, extraordinary) people to learn to live online." ...CFN user
Yes, yes, I know Melanie got taller than me.  I hear it often enough.  It's  mostly the shoes in this pic tho, honest.  We now share the same college, the same sorority, and the same sorority office.     Both of us chose teaching math for careers.   My sorority big sis supervised her student teaching.    Cue the Twilight Zone theme.  Anyone else remember those old Kennedy-Lincoln coincidences?
Crim Dell Bridge at the  College of William and Mary
Bren - Class of 1973
Melanie - Class of 2000

I like my car a lot.  I picked it out in '94 but had to wait until there were used ones.

My favorite time of year is winter.  I'm happiest when it's cold and snowing.  Then there will be fireplaces and cuddly sweaters, Christmas and Valentine's  Day.  Snow days are better than summer vacation.

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January, 2005