Matt's Room

Matt's facts

  • Assistant prosecutor, Montgomery County (Dayton), Ohio
  • 2000 graduate of University of Dayton Law School in Ohio
  • 1996 graduate of Roanoke College in Virginia in Criminal Justice
  • spent summer of 1998 in London studying international law
  • many other summers spent as a lifeguard and pool manager
Pics from Matt's law school graduation

Diver Matt 

Matt enjoys working out, skiing, golfing, and participating in both roller and ice hockey.  Here's a team jersey logo he created.

Matt and his friends won the Amateur Pit Crew challenge at Charlotte Motor Speedway 1998 prior to The Winston.

Nascar Online: Terry LaBonte

Matt's own racing pictures!

Growing up with cats shows in his art
He ran with the bulls TWICE in July, 1998, in Pamplona, Spain

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