Matt & Michelle - June 28, 2003

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Can't believe they said that!
The year was 1974, the month July
When a new Overholt came out with a cry.
His parents thought, “Well, lookee at that!”
And from then on he was known as Matt.

Four years later came a sister.
Six years later came the Nickster.
There were fights, but we made it this far.
Now we’re all grown up, and good friends we are.

So today we are here to give Matt away.
And, dear Michelle, this is what we have to say…

Congrats on Matt, he’s quite the catch.
In fact, we think you’re the perfect match.
After years and years of being picky,
He decided you weren’t too icky.

Michelle, you’re future ahead looks bright.
With Matt’s even temper, I bet you’ll never even fight.
And since Matt never ever goes to the gym,
If you were to fight, we’re sure you’d win.

You’ll never have to worry about him being late.
His sense of time is very great!
When it comes to movies, Matt knows you’ve gotta
Pick chick flicks like The Killer Pinata.

He’ll always draw you pictures from the heart
Because he’s very creative and good at art.
But you know the two of you will part
If, God forbid, you ever fart!

You’ll always be his lovely queen,
But beware!  He will not clean.
Don’t you worry about the baking.
It’s all your meals he’ll be making.

When the lights go down
And he’s ready for a treat.
Remember his favorite form of affection
Is a body massage with your feet.

To end this poem
We both agree
That we’re proud to have four
Where there were three.

We love you both!  Congratulations!

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Matt's aunt, uncles, cousins, and grandparents
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July, 2003