Nick's Racing Corner

Mark Martin
Nick's favorite driver

Nick took this shot himself at Martinsville when he had a pit pass for the day before the race.   To get in the pits since he was underage, the rest of his group had to surround him and slide through the gates with Nick in the middle.

Matt watches Nick getting his picture taken with Mark Martin's owner, Jack Roush--the wall for the start-finish straightaway is in the background


Nick gets to meet Jeff Gordon
Martinsville, April 17, 1999, Nick and Matt had pit passes.

But then there was another story.  See the "No Bull" car back there?  It was next in line to fill up with gas and pulled up behind where Nick was standing.  But Nick couldn't hear because of the ear protection. The driver, Jimmy Spencer, raced the engine a few times---Vroooooommm....vroooooooom.  Nick still didn't hear and move.  VROOOMMMM vvrrrOOOOMM.  Still nothing from Nick.  So Spencer moved forward and nudged Nick in the back with the race car!  Matt was watching the whole thing and howling--great big brother!

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October, 2005