GTO concept car


   Welcome to my website. My name is Tom, and if you 
haven't figured it out by now, I like cars. I like reading 
about them. I like looking at them,  and I especially like working on them. 
   I am currently restoring a 1969 Pontiac GTO. It was
in pretty good shape when I bought it three years ago,
but I decided to make it even better. So far I have
rebuilt the engine and the front suspension. The interior needed some work so I have installed new seat covers 
and headliner. I had the car repainted last year to the original color, which is Liberty Blue.
   One comment I get wherever I drive this vintage muscle car is "I had one of those a long time ago and I 
wish I still had it". I just grin and nod knowingly, because
I also have experienced the pain of letting one get away from me.
   I am a member of The Star City Pontiac Club, based 
in Roanoke, Virginia. It is a chapter of the Pontiac Oakland Club International. As a chapter we sponsor an
all Pontiac car show every fall and a Pontiac, Buick, 
Oldsmobile show in the spring.
   I have included a few links below related to my love 
of cars. Enjoy!

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