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My Educational Timeline       
Born - 1978_____
I was born in Rocky Mount, Virginia, and have lived there all my life.  At 18 months, mom says my doctor stopped his examination just to listen to me talk because of my extensive vocabulary for my age.
_____1981 Library Story Hour 
This is where my love of reading began.  Miss Joyce told the best stories, helped us in really clever craft projects, and taught us all the cute little kid songs.  I loved to go every week.
Lee M. Waid Elementary School 
Knowing I had to learn to tie my shoes in Kindergarten, I got my mom to teach me before I went.  The same with reading and first grade: I wouldn't go until my mom taught me to read in the summer before.  I especially remember the fondness I felt for all my teachers.  Mrs. Hunt and I had several similar outfits and would plan to wear them on the same day in Kindergarten.  My admiration for Mrs. Hunt created the desire in me to be a teacher, and I have yet to get over it.  I developed a love for school and worked to make high grades, but I was spastic at cutting  This is  my only failing grade to date.

_____1986-1991 Roanoke Academy of Gymnastics 
From third grade through seventh, gymnastics was the main focus of my life.  Practices were held 4 days per week, 4 hours a day,  year round.  Many weekends were also spent at competitions.  Dedication, responsibility, time management, perseverence, poise, and individuality were traits I gained from this experience.  They helped me to do well in school, and this positive impact made it worth the investment in time.
Rocky Mount Elementary School 1987-1989_____
I remember being scared of Mrs Akers in fourth grade because of her reputation as a challenging teacher.  However, I met her challenge and, in the end, appreciated the satisfaction that came from having to work hard.  My first experiences with teaching came throughout elementary school.  I was often assigned to assist and oversee the work of weaker students.
_____1989-1992 Benjamin Franklin Middle School 
I  continued to enjoy and do well in school, but I discovered my trouble spots: science and writing papers.  We were organized into teams of core subject teachers and switched classes for the first time, later than seems to be common today.

Franklin County High School 1992-1996_____
I started my freshman year in my mother's Honors Geometry class.  Yes, we are both still here to tell the story.  We were teacher-student, not mother-daughter.  There was never any awkwardness, but I was reluctant to go to  her for help which resulted in a B that should have been an A.  Several teachers stand out in my memory because of their ability to teach and their caring attitude.
_____1996-1997 Georgia College and State University 
This was a big mistake, so let's move on.  The best thing that can be said about it is that I did well and was able to transfer into William and Mary.
College of William and Mary 1997-present_____
William and Mary is my attempt to compensate for the Georgia College detour.  I went against my mom's wish for me to attend a prestigious, quality school, and I soon realized my mistake.  Once at W&M, I experimented with several majors, but nothing felt right until I quit running from the perceived low salaries and lack of respect for educators.  I know now that this is where I want to be, and there are good career opportunities available in the field of education.  Like Mrs. Akers, William and Mary is very challenging, but there's so much to be gained when I reach my goals.
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February, 1999
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