ben_mel_ashten_dance_closer.jpg (90607 bytes)
ben_mel_dance2959.jpg (88770 bytes)
Ben and Melanie dance to "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" sung by Ben's neighbor Bill Mitchell, accompanied by Jan and Jeff
big_john_sings2957.jpg (110534 bytes)
big_john_sings2958.jpg (87098 bytes)
jeff_jen.jpg (95015 bytes)
Jan Smith and Jeff Vogelgesang provided their delightful roots music for the ceremony and dinner. Visit their Honey Bird Music website.
mel_tommy_dance2969.jpg (111037 bytes)
Melanie and dad, Tom
"Daddy's Little Girl"
by the Mills Brothers
mel_tommy_dance2971.jpg (171306 bytes)
mel_tommy_dance2975.jpg (98410 bytes)
Ben and his mom, Cindy
"A New Day" by Celine Dion
ben_cindy2979.jpg (76497 bytes)
ben_cindy_dance.jpg (75950 bytes)
mel_rest2945.jpg (96272 bytes)
Fixing Melanie's train into a bustle so she could move around
bustle2952.jpg (109640 bytes)
ashtyn_strawberry.jpg (128285 bytes)
jim_tom_toast2947.jpg (87361 bytes)
jimmy_tommy_ej2948.jpg (109072 bytes)
Baby the parrot would
always offer her head to
Melanie to rub, but she
hated Nick and Tommy.
mel_baby2949.jpg (162397 bytes)
ej_erma_gene2946.jpg (112062 bytes)
mel_rest2951.jpg (92373 bytes)
mel_table.jpg (83602 bytes)
ej_erma_nick2941.jpg (74250 bytes)
missy_leslie2944.jpg (110976 bytes)
erma_gene_matt_nick2942.jpg (122561 bytes)
mel_melissa2956.jpg (97456 bytes)
jimmy_ej_erma2983.jpg (93873 bytes)
Dinner Guests
laura_don_table2985.jpg (104608 bytes)
Don and Laura Quesenberry
Gene and Erma Overholt
Jim Overholt
Ermajean Hasenjager
gene_table2984.jpg (117560 bytes)
ann_johnsr_table2991.jpg (109740 bytes)
Ann Millican and John Pittman
matt_nick_table.jpg (98912 bytes)
Matt and Nick Overholt
ben_mel_table2989.jpg (117289 bytes)
ben_friends_table2987.jpg (105897 bytes)
John Abbot and Todd Clingon
melissa_poncho_table.jpg (105903 bytes)
Melissa and Poncho Graham
doug_bigjohn_table.jpg (118257 bytes)
Doug Hines and Bill Mitchell
andy_missy_table.jpg (102968 bytes)
Andy and Missy Hill
nick_mel3002.jpg (101925 bytes)
nick_mel3003.jpg (105440 bytes)
nick_mel3004.jpg (106671 bytes)
Just keep taking pics until Nick stops making faces
mel_ashtyn_dinner.jpg (105171 bytes)
mel_ashtyn_dinner2997.jpg (112138 bytes)
mel_ashtyn_dinner2998.jpg (92656 bytes)
mel_ashtyn_dinner2999.jpg (89564 bytes)
mel_ashtyn_dinner3001.jpg (109918 bytes)
Vegetarian dinner with Ashtyn.
Most everyone else had steak
Strawberry cupcakes
Melanie's favorite birthday cake
and now her wedding cake
ben_mel_cupcakes.jpg (94028 bytes)
mel_ben_dance2_3006.jpg (107609 bytes)
One more dance
mel_ben_dance2_3007.jpg (80265 bytes)
mel_ben_dance2_3009.jpg (69527 bytes)
mel_ben_dance2_3010.jpg (104866 bytes)
mel_ben_dance2_3011.jpg (74886 bytes)
mel_ben_dance2_3014.jpg (94480 bytes)

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