Sunday, April 11 in Colorado
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun
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Here's the view from Mel's back deck in Colorado Springs of Cheyenne Mountain.  I couldn't decide if I liked the early morning view with the moon over the mountain (look carefully--it's there) or the later morning one with the clouds on the top.

 In the middle of the side of the mountain, there's a bump.  That's where the zoo and the Shrine of the Sun are located, 8000 feet altitude. 

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The most fun at the zoo was watching Mel feed the giraffes.
Tommy -->

The king takes a nap.
Confused peacock showing off for the goats!
This pygmy marmoset was only about 6" long and looked like a rodent until you saw that tiny monkey face.
Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun
It's more than a mile along a twisty mountain road that goes through the zoo to get to the Shrine.

<-- In the parking lot looking up at the shrine tower

Up at the Shrine with the plain below -->

Colorado is as flat as Kansas until you get to the west side of Colorado Springs.

Mel perches on the lion

Mel and Tommy explore in the snow.  It's April 11!
Will Rogers' friend built the zoo, the Shrine, and lots of other things around Colorado Springs. The shrine was under construction when Will Rogers was killed so his friend named it after him.  Read the very fascinating story on the Shrine of the Sun website.
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Colorado page1 page2 (Anasazi) page3 (Pikes Peak)

May, 2004